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Wild vs Farmed Salmon

Alaska salmon is the name for all five species of wild Pacific salmon harvested from Alaska. There are five species of Pacific salmon, and all five are harvested in Alaska. (The graph on the left.)

Atlantic salmon is the species of salmon that is native to the Atlantic ocean, but is now critically endangered in the wild. (The graph on the right.)

    Some Facts
  • There is no fin-fish farming in Alaska, by law.
  • All Alaska salmon is wild.
  • Nearly all of the wild salmon harvested in North America comes from Alaska.
  • Some wild Pacific salmon are also harvested in Washington, Oregon, California, and Canada.
  • The U.S. outlawed the last commercial Atlantic salmon fishery in 1989, and Canada follow suit one year later in 1990.
  • Almost all (99.8%) of the Atlantic salmon sold in the world are farmed.
  • Most of the world's farmed Atlantic salmon comes from Norway (60%), Chile and Canada.