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We deliver anywhere in the Grand Valley for free with no minimum order.

For qualifying purchases we will also deliver orders free of charge outside of the Grand Valley. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact John Varga at 970.250.1155.


The Copper River continues to support healthy salmon runs because it is carefully managed for long-term sustainability. Since statehood in 1959, Alaska has sought to protect its abundant natural resources, and its constitution mandates that “ utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle.” With every aspect of its fisheries strictly regulated, closely monitored and rigidly enforced, Alaska’s successful management practices are considered a model of sustainability for the rest of the world. Just one of the practices enforced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game includes monitoring fish populations at several points along the Copper River, counting salmon heading up the river to ensure that an adequate number migrate to spawning grounds to reproduce each year. Policies like this have helped to ensure that Alaska will continue to be one of the cleanest and most natural marine environments on earth, and one of the world’s most abundant sources of delicious wild seafood for generations to come.

The sustainability of our product is very important to us not only from a business point of view but a stance of moral convictions. Sustainability is a major topic that is not taken lightly. There are methods and regulations in place, that we follow, to ensure a future for our industry and the creatures of the sea we bring to your dinner plates. We love what we do and we want to ensure that our grand children have the same ability to enjoy this wonderful food. To learn more about sustainability please download this brochure released by