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For qualifying purchases we will also deliver orders free of charge outside of the Grand Valley. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact John Varga at 970.250.1155.

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The American Heart Association urges everyone to consume fish—especially fatty species such as salmon and black cod —at least twice a week. For people who already have heart disease, the oils in fish may be especially important, as they may improve this condition. Omega-3 oils from fish are the best source to maintain a healthy heart.
Unfortunately, farm-raised salmon contains inferior amounts of omega-3 oils and too many omega-6s, which actually increases inflammation in the body. Worse, farmed fish are ladened with toxins and antibiotic residues.
Copper River salmon is known as one of the best tasting and most nutritious salmon in the world. The lean muscle leads to a firm fillet texture, while the body fat leads to a large amount of natural, healthy oils and Omega-3 fatty acids. If you are interested in improving your health by consuming Wild Caught Copper River Salmon, Let Jammin Salmon Seafoods provide it to you. Contact John to arrange delivery of our superior products.

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