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Jammin Salmon Seafoods LLC

March 2015

My commercial fishing career began during the summer of 1981 in the town of Cordova, Alaska. I was a “young buck” with absolutely no knowledge about the ocean, navigation, tides, fishing methods and all the complexities of the sea. My first boat, “the Mud Puppy”, was a real piece of junk and I spent considerable time broken down and scared out of my mind from the relentless fierce Gulf storms. Now, 33 years later, I am a well-seasoned veteran with a healthy dose of respect for the power of the ocean.

The Gulf of Alaska is a violent body of water and I have witnessed her claim countless lives over the years. Storms sweep up the coast unimpeded by large land masses and this allows them to gain incredible force and power. It is not at all uncommon to be fishing in 30—50 knot winds and huge seas. This area also has large tide fluctuations of 10 ft. plus and many dangerous reefs with breaking waves. But, this part of the Pacific Ocean outside of Cordova is home to the world famous Copper River Salmon and the fishing fleet that harvests these delectable fish. The fleet of commercial fishing boats is limited in size to 500 boats and most captains’ fish solo in well-designed high performance vessels averaging 32’ in length and made to withstand brutal seas. These boats are made to live aboard for long periods of time.

The commercial fisheries in Alaska are termed limited entry which means that there are a set number of licenses, for all the different areas of the state, which were issued over 30 years ago by a state agency called the Limited Entry Commission. By limiting the number of fisherman harvesting all the different fish and crab species throughout the state, fisheries managers are able to effectively set harvest and quota numbers thus insuring healthy, robust and sustainable populations. This system is unique in that it insures no species will be over harvested. My permit is what is termed as a drift gillnet permit and is for a specific area near Cordova. The only way to acquire the right to commercially harvest salmon is to purchase a license, issued for life, from another fisherman. These licenses are very expensive costing into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I started selling fish in western CO following the 2003 fishing season. Jammin salmon seemed a natural business model to make premium wild Alaska seafood available in and around Grand Junction. My personal love for cooking and eating incredible seafood such as, sablefish, sockeye, prawns, halibut, crab and clams and my access to these species provided a good opportunity to start a home delivery seafood business. I was joined in 2011 by friend and fellow food lover, John Varga to help make high quality Alaska seafood more accessible in the Grand Valley and to help expand our customer base. We continue to make an honest effort at keeping our pricing structure fair, affordable and well below true market value. We would rather have lots of customers and low prices as opposed to the other way around. The quality of the dining experience is of utmost importance and we rely on our customers to spread the good word.

We are a small company and, as such, are very grateful to all of our customers that purchase and enjoy the seafood products we carry. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can trade something out or receive a refund if not completely satisfied. We would always encourage everyone to do internet searches for thousands of available recipes, articles about health benefits and general information regarding the different fish species.

Mark Harrington

Captain: Fishing Vessel Jammn’ Salmn’